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Affordable and Reasonable International/ National Shipping Services. What to do when a loved one dies away from home? At Ellis Funeral Home & Cremation Services we offer international funeral shipping.



For over 70 years we will arrange everything for you need. We understand that this is a sensitive and painful time for you, and we are honored to be chosen to be been take care of your beloved one.

At Ellis Funeral Home we have experienced and bilingual staff that are able to answer any question that you might have.

We provide:

  • Shipping - Knowing how to deal with each country’s particular shipping requirements is critical in your loved one’s remains reaching their destination.
  • Paperwork and Documentation - Understanding and helping to provide appropriate paperwork and documentation required for international shipping.
  • Timing - Ensuring your shipping schedules are met quickly, as it relates to getting through the red-tape and satisfying your scheduling needs.
  • Translations - Expert translation of your documentation into their respective languages.
  • Expert preservation - Understanding how important it is for your loved one to arrive in perfect condition.
  • Airline Scheduling

Our company ships human remains and human ashes all over the world including: Costa Rica, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Philippines, Puerto Rico.

Depending on the country of destination, there are requirements for certain types of shipping containers used in shipping Human Remains/Cremains.

We have the experience to ship your loved one all over the world at reduced rates that will save you money.

Call us today for a no obligation quote at (615) 255-5412.

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