Why You Need a Love Drawer – and How to Make One

Do you know what a love drawer is? No, it’s not a drawer where you place the love letters given to you by your significant other. It’s something else entirely. A love drawer is a drawer where you place the sort of documentation that your family will need access to do after you die. So it’s the sort of thing that will be most appreciated by your family after you have passed away and they have to contact a funeral home in Madison, TN. Here’s an example of what to put into a love drawer.  




It’s important to ensure that your love drawer has things such as important documentation. So you’ll want to include critical financial, end of life planning, will and estate, and insurance documentation in your love drawer. This will save your family the trouble of having to track these sorts of documents down. Once you’ve placed these important documents in a drawer, you need to confide in at least one person so that they know that it’s there. Perhaps your love drawer will be a drawer in a filing cabinet that has a locking mechanism. In such cases, you need to make plans to ensure that the person who will have access will be granted a key.  


Contact Info 


You likely will want certain people to be contacted after you die so that they can be informed. It’s a good idea to place a list of people who need to be contacted in your love drawer. You might even leave instructions for the roles you want specific family members or friends to play at your funeral or memorial service. Doing this will make things a whole lot easier for your family. Everything will be in one place, which means they’ll merely have to follow your instructions.  


Personalized Messages 


Your love drawer is also a great place to put personalized messages for specific people in your life. Do you want to leave inspirational messages for your children – notes that they will be encouraged by, inspired by, and delighted by? You can do just that. After you pass away, he person with access to your love drawer can distribute the messages.  


If the concept of a love drawer is still a new one for you, at least you now know what they’re all about. And you likely understand why they can be important for your family after you die.  


The great thing is that there’s nothing hard with setting up a love drawer. All you must do is, firstly, put the right stuff in a drawer that you designate as your love drawer and, secondly, let someone know it’s there.  


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