Why Cremation is a Good Idea

Have you come to the point where you find yourself thinking about pre-planning for your body disposition? It makes sense, even in the prime of life, to put plans in place that can be acted upon down the road when you eventually pass away.


If your loved ones have always regarded traditional earth burial as the go-to option after death, you might catch them off guard if you keep them in the loop about your pre-planning efforts. You don’t need anyone’s approval, but there are yet some benefits of Brentwood, TN cremations that might be enough to win over family members who prefer traditional earth burial.




Cremation is great for the environment for numerous reasons. One of the benefits is that it requires a lot less ground space than a traditional earth burial. After cremation, your ashes will be put in an urn or in another acceptable container. Your family can keep the urn in a place of honor, scatter your ashes, bury the urn containing your ashes or do any number of other things. Even if you do decide to bury the urn, the urn will take up only a small fraction of the space that a casket would. This is the reason why some funeral homes will permit more than one urn to be buried in a single burial plot. Also consider that the cremated remains, or cremains, pose absolutely no environmental or health risk. So you won’t have to worry about such things if you scatter the ashes.




Another reason why Brentwood, TN cremations make sense is that they can save you – and your family – a lot of money. Depending on what options you take, cremation can work out to be considerably cheaper than traditional earth burial. If you pre-pay, it will be even better for your family. They will be able to focus on mourning and coming to terms with the loss rather than on having to put together enough money to fund your body disposition.


Lots of Unique Options for Cremains


Did you know that there are lots of things you can have done with your ashes? You can make arrangements for them to be flown into outer space, to be transformed into a diamond, to be mixed with tattoo ink so that a family member can get a really special tattoo, to be added to firecrackers for a grand display and more. Let your creativity guide you as you mull over things that can be done with your ashes.


Do you have any questions about cremation? Get in touch with us at Ellis Funeral Home & Cremation. We are experts in the death care industry and our sole purpose is to help people like you who are looking for cremation or funeral services. Call (615) 255-5412 for prompt service from one of our professional staff members. They’re trained to provide professional and compassionate service. You can also stop by our office at 2627 Nolensville Pike Nashville, TN 37211 if you’d like to speak to someone in person.

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