What the Different Types of Sympathy Flowers Mean

When you’re having trouble finding the right words to say to a grieving family at a funeral home in Nashville, TN, you don’t have to worry. The reason for this is that it’s possible to communicate your heartfelt condolences without doing so verbally. How so? Well sympathy flowers, which people traditionally give to those who are grieving the death of a loved one, can convey all sorts of things. Read on for a look at what different types of flowers actually mean.  




The hyacinth is known for its distinct purple hue. Symbolizing regret and sorrow, it can be a fitting sympathy flower to a grieving family. Again, you don’t always have to use words to tell the grieving family that you’re sorry for their loss or that they’re in your prayers. Those things are nice things to say, but sometimes the right bouquet of sympathy flowers can convey condolences in a way that mere words can’t. This sort of flower says that you empathize with their sorrow and that you’re thoughtful enough to show it with a beautiful sympathy gift.  




It’s not too hard to figure out at least some of the symbolism behind this none-to-subtly named flower. When you give the grieving family forget-me-not sympathy flowers, you’re giving them a symbol that is all about memories and remembrance. The family will surely remember the deceased forever, and the flowers will be a thoughtful nod in that direction. So if you’re looking for sympathy flowers that say a lot simply by their very name, then forget-me-not flowers should definitely be on your consideration list.  




When you give a grieving family gladiolus flowers, what you’re really saying is that they are people of strong character and strength. Those are the qualities that these flowers represent, so giving them to people who are morning is a tip of the hat to them. It can be difficult in the immediate aftermath of a death for a family to hold it all together and to work through the pain. Giving such people gladiolus flowers will show them that their character and strength, even in the face of a death in their midst, is duly noted. 




Chrysanthemum flowers are also popular sympathy gifts. What they mean differs depending on whether you’re in the U.S. or in Europe, but these flowers can represent death and grief as well as encouragement and support. In other words, chrysanthemum flowers are a non-verbal reminder to the grieving family that they can and will go on in strength despite the setback of a death in their family.  


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