What is Direct Cremation?

The cheapest, simplest and most fuss-free type of body disposition is direct cremation. But what is it about this process that makes it such a popular choice?


What follows is a look at direct cremations in La Vergne, TN – so you can decide if it’s appropriate for you and yours.


No Delay


Direct cremation is called direct cremation because it is cremation without any of the extras. It occurs shortly after death as soon as the death certificate can be secured. So if you don’t believe that a body should be left sitting in a refrigeration unit so that funeral arrangements can be made, direct cremation is probably just what you need. The good thing is that you can hold a memorial down the road to commemorate the deceased and to provide an opportunity for healing after cremation in La Vergne, TN.


None of the Extras


Traditional burial and some types of cremation allow for dressing up the body in suits or dresses, combing the hair, applying makeup, embalming the body, refrigerating the body, holding a funeral service and more. The name of the game is “direct.” For the sort of person who lived a pretty fuss-free life and who didn’t believe that more money should be spent on body disposition than was necessary, direct cremation is ideal. Because it is a simpler process, direct cremation is without a doubt the most cost-effective body disposition option available.


No Casket


You can use a casket for the deceased for a direct cremation, but a casket is by no means necessary. You will usually be given the option of placing the body in a simple, less expensive container rather than a casket.


No Family in Attendance


Direct cremation usually takes place without the presence of family, friends or other well-wishers. This means that if you want a cremation that does not take away the opportunity to observe the process as it is in progress, you should go with another type of cremation. In fact, if direct cremation was selected for your deceased loved one ahead of time, you should be aware that the body will typically be transported from the place of death – whether home, hospital or nursing home – right to where the direct cremation will be done. And the body will be cremated as soon as all of the paper work is completed. You will have to live with the fact that you may not see the body between the time of death to the time it is placed in the cremation chamber.


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