Unique Things to do with Cremains

When the cremation process has done its work and you’re presented with the remains of your deceased loved one, there are lots of things you can do with the ashes. If you’re like many people, you either will want to scatter the ashes someplace or to take them home in an urn.


But what if you want to do something that’s a bit out of the ordinary? There are plenty of unique things you can do if scattering or keeping the ashes is not something you want to do. Check out these unique recommendations for cremation ashes…one of them is out of this world!




A great way to cap off Madison, TN cremation is a celebration of life that includes a fireworks display. And you can make the fireworks display all the more meaningful by adding a portion of the cremains to the firecrackers. What a fitting tribute to a deceased family member who was the life of any party. There are businesses that will combine firecrackers with cremation ashes and then hold a fireworks celebration for you.




If your deceased relative had dreamed of boldly going where no one had ever gone before, it might make sense to honor that request to some extent posthumously. You can do this by signing up for a service where some of the cremation ashes are taken to outer space and scattered. It could cost as little as a few hundred dollars if you send only a small amount of the cremains. If you’re looking for an option is out of this world, then seriously consider outer space.




It’s been said that a picture is worth a thousand words – and that statement is certainly true. But how many words would be applicable when referring to a picture that contains some of the cremation ashes of your deceased loved one? You can mix cremains with paint and then create an artistic rendering of the person you’ve lost to death. If no one in your family is particularly artistic, you can always hire someone to do it for you. What you’ll be left with is a painting that ensures that your deceased loved one remains a part of you.




Who doesn’t like precious jewels? You’ll love them even more if they incorporate the cremated remains of your deceased relative. Yes, there are jewelers who can take cremains and, through a process that includes exerting extreme pressure on the ashes, create a diamond. This will provide you with something of value that commemorates someone of value.


Helium Balloons


You can put cremains inside of helium balloons as a unique way to scatter your deceased loved one’s ashes. Once the balloons ascend to a certain height, they will pop and scatter the remains.


These are just some of the many things you can do with cremation ashes. At Ellis Funeral Home & Cremation, we specialize in Madison, TN cremations and funerals. Our staff are trained to offer compassionate service to each and every customer. Phone us at (615) 255-5412 for a free consultation on your needs. We’ll take the time to listen to what you want and then recommend options that are sure to meet your requirements. Would you prefer to come in and speak to our funeral director? Our office is situated at 2627 Nolensville Pike Nashville, TN 37211. Whether you choose to call or visit, we’re here to help you in your time of need.

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