Tips for Visiting a Friend or Family Member Who is Terminally Ill

At some point in time, you may find yourself in the position of having to visit a family member or friend who is terminally ill and inching ever closer to their death. You’ll want to visit them and to spend quality time with them before the service at a funeral home in Madison, TN. But that doesn’t mean that you should rush into the situation with reckless abandon. Indeed, there are some things you should be mindful of ahead of such a visit. Consider these tips for visiting a friend or family member whose terminally ill so that you know what to say and what to do.


Don’t Dance Around the Issue


It’s certainly okay to engage in a bit of small talk when you arrive to meet your terminally ill friend or family member. In a sense, the meeting should be like other meetings where you exchange pleasantries and catch up with what you’ve both been up to. But don’t dance around the obvious reason for this particular visit since you and they will know. Let your friend or family member take the lead. If they want to talk about the matter, then do so. They may, however, prefer to spend the time you both have together talking about other things. This doesn’t mean that you can’t mention the inevitable if they don’t bring it up. Just don’t dwell on it if they show by their words or by their silence that they’d rather not do so.


Let Them Know How You Feel


You should, to whatever extent possible, strive for an open and frank discussion about the issue. Let them know that you love them and are available to help them in any way possible. If there have ever been hard feelings between the two of you, you might want to use the occasion either to ask for their forgiveness or to give them your forgiveness. You might also wish to ask them if there’s anything they’d like for you to do for them before their passing.


Don’t Feel the Need to Talk All the Time


Sometimes simply together saying a lot – and hugs or even hand-holding, where appropriate, also go a long way. You don’t need to fill every second you spend together with chatter. Quiet reflection, with the two of you on the same page, will work wonders.


There’s no reason to fear what might possibly be the last meeting between you and a terminally ill family member or friend. You can bet that they’ll be glad to see you and you’ll feel better as well. If you follow the abovementioned advice, you’ll find it easier to handle the meeting.


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