Tips for Maintaining Cremation Urns

When you receive a cremation urn containing the ashes of your relative, perhaps the last thing you’ll think about is periodic maintenance to keep it looking its best. You can get an urn from a provider of Nashville, TN funeral home and cremation services, and the material type you select will ultimately dictate the regimen you should follow to keep the urn looking great.  


If you plan to scatter the ashes or turn them into memorial jewelry, then you obviously won’t have to worry about urn upkeep. But some people definitely want the urn in their homes as a keepsake that will be an eternal reminder of the life they spent with someone special. If that describes your sentiments, then read on for a look at how to maintain cremation urns. What you’ll find is that what you need to do will depend on the material the urn is constructed from.  


Metal Urn 


Taking care of a metal urn will require wiping it down from time to time with a soft cotton cloth that is dry. Just clean the outside of the urn so that any dirt or dust that has accumulated on it is dislodged and cleared away. Don’t use a damp cloth to clean the urn since doing so can, especially if liquid is not cleared off completely, ultimately lead to rust. If you follow these tips, the metal urn will continue to look great weeks, months and years later.  


Glass Urn 


The nature of glass is such that it can easily be damaged if dropped or if mishandled, so you’ll want to be careful when it comes to placement. As for actually keep it clean, it will be easy. You likely already have the materials you will need for the light maintenance. First, you need some glass cleaner that you can spray on and wipe off. But be sure to wipe it thoroughly so that the final finish is flawless. It’ll only require cleaning every now and then. If you tie the cleaning date to times when you’re cleaning other glass products in your home, you’ll find it easy to remember.   


Wood Urn 


A wood urn can look elegant in any room, and taking care of it is not an onerous task. You’ll want to dust it off on occasion and to wipe it down periodically with quality furniture polish. What you never want to do with wood urns is to clean them with a damp cloth since it could undo up damaging the wood over time.  


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