Things About Cremation You Might Not Know

When cremation is the chosen body disposition method, the body will be placed into a cremation chamber that will subject it to intense heat. This heat will help to break it down to its basic elements. Many people have a general idea of what the process entails. But there are probably some things about cremation that you’re not aware of.


Heat, Yes; Flames, No


Do you believe that the body of a deceased person is set ablaze during the cremation process? This isn’t true – at least not when it comes to more modern crematoriums. Burning the body is something that used to be done to cremate, but things are done differently now. The body is placed into a cremation chamber that gets as hot as around 2,000 degrees. Intense heat, not flames, drives this disposition method.


Implants Have to Be Taken Out


If the body of the deceased has any implants, they must be removed before the body is placed inside of the cremation chamber. Failing to do this could result in the implants sticking to the cremains. Likewise, things like pacemakers must be taken out since the batteries they contain could explode when exposed to the heat and damage the cremation machine. What this means is that you’ll need to disclose to the crematorium if the body of the deceased contains anything that must be removed.


Heat and More


It is true that a lot of the cremation process depends on what happens in the cremation chamber, namely the intense heat, but that is not enough. After the cremation chamber step, what will be left are ashes, teeth and bone fragments. These will have to be further processed by grinding. After this second step, there are cremation remains that you can get in an urn to do with as you wish.


No Cremains Mix Up


Have you ever wondered about the odds of being handed the cremation remains of someone other than your deceased relative? With regulations calling for one body to be placed in a cremation chamber at a single time, the chances of that happening are nil. You don’t need to worry about taking home the cremated ashes of a stranger.


Urn is Optional


It’s customary to get cremated remains in an urn, but you don’t have to use an urn. When you sign up for Franklin, TN cremations service, you’ll be able to decide on the container you use. There are alternative containers that are acceptable, and a funeral home will be able to inform you of your options.


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