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Looking to the new year for some new accomplishments? Like many, you probably have your resolutions chosen and mapped out for the new year, but have you considered the future beyond that, like pre-planning or pre-needing? They probably aren’t on your agenda anytime soon, but they should be and here is why:


Planning Ahead Will Give Your Family Peace of Mind


A family can experience even more emotional stress and fatigue if they have to figure out what their loved one’s wishes truly were. By planning ahead, your family will know what arrangements you desire and will allow them to grieve properly when that time comes. If you’re thinking that you have to pay a large sum to be able to plan ahead, then you are mistaken, which brings me to my next point.


If You Can’t Pre-Need, You Can Always Pre-Plan


We have several people who desire to pre-need but can’t because of their financial situation, and we understand that. That’s why, we encourage those who can’t start a pre-need policy to at least start a pre-planning file. By pre-planning, you have your preferences in funeral services on file and available at the funeral home. By doing this, your family will know what you wanted your arrangements to be and will be freed from any difficult decisions they would have to make in the future. You can always add a pre-need policy to lift any financial burden it may have on your family in the future.


Pre-Needs Are Transferable


If you think that pre-needing with a certain funeral home locks you in with that funeral home, than you’re wrong. Regardless of where you pre-needed, you still have the legal right to transfer that policy elsewhere.


The Key To Planning Ahead is to Start the Process


If you find yourself questioning the whole pre-needing process, don’t hesitate to visit your funeral home of preference or a local funeral director. Regardless of whether you choose to do one or the other, the important thing is to start the process somewhere. Taking the initiative to meet with a funeral director and just talk about the future helps vision the importance of making pre-arrangements. Meeting with a licensed funeral director also helps to answer any questions and doubts you may have about your funeral preferences. It is always better to consider your options ahead of time to ensure that your specific needs are met.



Still think you have some things to consider before you make an appointment? Take a look at our pre-planning checklist so that you have an idea of what you need to consider when making funeral arrangements.


You can also fill out an online pre-planning form and schedule an appointment with us at the link below.



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