How to Help a Grieving Friend After Funeral Home or Cremation Services

Hopefully you haven’t had to attend too many funeral services over the course of your lifetime, but chances are that you’ve been to at least one or two of them. It’s one thing if you barely knew the deceased or their family, but it’s another thing if you know the principal parties. How, exactly, should you help a grieving friend after Smyrna, TN funeral home and cremation services? You might not always know what to say in these situations, but what follows is a look at things you can do to help your friend navigate a difficult time.  


Demonstrate Concern 


Do you sometimes find it hard to know exactly what to say in these sorts of situations? That’s okay since there are lots of things you can do without having to say much. It’s said that someone who wants friends must show himself to be friendly. With this in mind, demonstrate to your grieving friend that you care about their wellbeing. If the person is inundated with things on their to-do list, offer to run some errands like doing groceries or trimming the hedges. If you fancy yourself as a pretty good cook, why not bring over some dinner. It also makes sense for you to ask your grieving friend what you can do to help them in their time of need.  


Listen Up 


Sometimes people who are grieving simply want someone to listen to them. Be that pair of ears that your friend can rely on. Remember that you want to listen more than you talk. If you notice that a particular topic seems to pick up your friend’s spirits, then ask followup questions to keep them engaged and focused. Now is not really the time to offer sage advice. That can come later when your grieving friend has had some time to process their feelings.  


Discuss the Deceased 


Ask your grieving friend some questions about the deceased. You can ask what she was like. If you knew the deceased, even better. You can share some stories with your friend. Was the deceased the sort of person who helped everyone, put others first and themselves last, and supported family and friends? A discussion centering around your friend’s deceased relative can potentially bring about emotional healing or at least help to lighten the mood.  


Give Some Space 


While it might be tempting to be a constant companion during your friend’s time’s time of grief, you need to know when to give them some space. If you’re not sure about the balance to strive for, just ask. Being there for your friend doesn’t always mean physically being there. Sometimes you have to simply let them know that you’re a phone call away.  

Before and after the Smyrna, TN cremation and funeral home services provider has performed the cremation, you’ll want to be there for your friend. At Ellis Funeral Home & Cremation Service, we can help with not only the body disposition, but also the grieving process by providing resources. For a free consultation, call us at (615) 255-5412. You can also stop by at 2627 Nolensville Pike Nashville, TN 37211.

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