How to Cope During Holiday Seasons After Death of a Loved One

As you can probably imagine, the holiday seasons can be sort of difficult, maybe even painful, after the loss of a relative who you had spent many special times with. Feelings like loneliness, sadness, abandonment and even anger can manifest themselves as you face the prospects of the holidays without that special someone stolen away by death. But there’s no reason to wallow in sorrow after Donelson, TN funeral home and cremations services.


Indeed, you can find ways to get through, and eventually even enjoy, the holidays. Check out these tips to help you get on with life's special occasions after a loved one dies.


Start a New Tradition


If you can barely tolerate the thought of a family dinner for Christmas or Thanksgiving without a dearly departed relative being there, you might need to swap some old traditions with new ones. As for new traditions, you might want to volunteer at a soup kitchen that serves holiday meals to the less fortunate. By helping others, interacting with the diners and with the other staff, and generally helping to spread the holiday cheer, you’ll find the holidays to be meaningful. Focusing on other and their needs will naturally cause you to focus too much on your own circumstances.


Know When Enough is Enough


What happens if you attend a family dinner and find yourself feeling overwhelmed? The simple answer is that you politely excuse yourself and exit. It’s nice to spend time with family, but you may not be ready for huge get-togethers right away. Even if you enjoy spending time with the rest of the family, you might find yourself feeling down at some point. The most important thing is that you know your limit and that you refrain from overextending yourself. When you feel like you’ve had enough and you need some alone time, you should follow your gut and leave. If you’re honest with your family and friends about how you’re feeling, they will understand.


Go on a Trip


A holiday trip may be just the thing to lift your spirits after the death of a family member. It’ll help you to take your mind off of things and give you a chance to unwind. Don’t worry if you lack the funds to go on some exotic vacation. You can also unwind on the cheap if you simply want to hop into your car and drive to a town near your home. The key is to go someplace where someone else will take care of the food preparation and the house cleaning for a while.


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