Cremation Myths that Many People Assume Are True

Even though cremation is at least as popular as traditional earth burial, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t a lot of popular myths about the former that don’t exist for the latter. But a myth, no matter how popular, is still a myth. Before you contact a Brentwood, TN funeral home and cremation company to preplan your own body disposition or to make body disposition arrangements for a deceased relative, check out these myths that many people think are true.  


Myth: You Might End Up with the Remains of Someone Other than Your Relative 


It’s is against the rules to cremate more than one person at a time in a cremation chamber. As well, a cremation chamber is typically only large enough to accommodate one body at a time anyway, so this pretty much rules out the possibility of multiple bodies being cremated simultaneously. This means that you can be certain that the ashes in the urn are from your deceased loved one rather than from someone else. If you need further assurances, you can ask to be present during the actual cremation process so that you see it from start to finish. You’ll then be able to write off this myth as a fanciful fabrication that can be dismissed.   


Myth: Scattering Ashes is Against the Law 


While it isn’t against the law to scatter ashes, there are some qualifications that need to be made. For instance, you should get permission from a private property owner before you scatter ashes on said private property. That’s just a matter of respect for someone else’s property. Also consider that the Environmental Protection Agency requires that cremation ashes be released a distance of at least three miles from the shore line. So you’ll want to keep this in mind if you want to scatter ashes on a body of water. Cremains actually pose no health or environmental risk, so you won’t have to worry on either of those fronts.  


Myth: Cremation is an Alternative to Traditional Earth Burial 


This was certainly the case a while back, but it isn’t the truth anymore. The reason for this is that cremation is at least as popular as traditional earth burial, so these two body disposition options are on the same footing in terms of acceptance and mainstream appeal.  


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