Alternatives for Sympathy Flowers

If you’ve ever attended funeral home and cremations services in Antioch, TN, you’ve probably noticed that there were flowers. A lot of them, actually. It’s almost a rite of passage to give sympathy flowers to a family that has lost a beloved member. But while many people will appreciate such a gift, others will probably prefer not to get flowers at all.


Whether because of the overabundance of flowers already received, a general dislike of flowers or perhaps even allergies to pollen, some people will be less than thrilled with sympathy flowers. They may appreciate the gesture – but they probably will wish that you hadn’t gone through the trouble. If you’re looking for sympathy flowers alternatives, here are a few suggestions.


Gift Basket


A gift basket is a great alternative to sympathy flowers. You can send baked goods, fresh fruit, fresh vegetables or other useful items. The great thing is that if you lack the time or creativity to assemble a gift basket on your own, there are lots of businesses what will do so and deliver it, too. Should you know the grieving family fairly well, you’ll know what sort of gift basket will hit the right spot. Remember to Include a card expressing your condolences.


Charitable Donation


Did the deceased have one or more special causes that he or she had supported while alive? Maybe he was a former member of the Armed Forces and therefore had raised funds for this cause. Perhaps she worked as a social worker and therefore had dedicated a lot of her time to advocating for those who otherwise would have had no voice. Once you figure out what causes the deceased had supported, you can make a charitable contribution to an organization focused on one of those very causes. Inform the grieving family that you made such a gesture on behalf of the deceased. They will appreciate that someone went through the trouble to do such a thing.


Give Photos the Grieving Family Don’t Have


If you maybe worked with the deceased and were somewhat close to the person, you probably have access to pictures that the family members don’t have. Whether the pictures were taken at a company holiday party, at a business function or at a company-wide charity event, you may have photos that would be highly prized by the family members of the deceased. You can pick up a photo album and insert some of these pictures or copies of them into the pages. It will make a nice, if perhaps unexpected, gift as the family gets never-before-seen-by-them pics.


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