4 Reasons Why You Should Play Music at a Funeral

If you’ve attended funerals in the past, you might realize that many of them have a somber tone as grieving people congregate to honor the deceased and to comfort one another. But this doesn’t mean that there aren’t ways to lift the mood.


One way you can do this is to play music at an Old Hickory, TN funeral home during the funeral service. Here are some reasons why you the right tunes can do a whole lot of good.


Dose of Medicine


One of the reasons you should play music at the funeral of your deceased relative is that music is good for your health. Did you know that listening to music, specifically to tunes that you enjoy, allows the body to release a neurochemical called dopamine that is connected to pleasure? What this means is that you can, if you choose your playlist wisely, create an environment where people simply feel more upbeat to the point where they celebrate a life well lived. Losing someone who was close will naturally lead to grief as you pick up the pieces and heal. Music can facilitate the healing process and make an otherwise stressful situation a bit more manageable. Whether by singing, instruments or sound tracks, let the music play so that the mood can be elevated


Honor the Memories


Did the dearly departed love listening to a specific performer? Perhaps he or she loved to sing songs from the catalogues of Bruce Springsteen, Celine Dion or the Beatles? You can honor the memory of your deceased loved one by playing a selection of the sorts of songs that made him or her sing, dance, laugh and love. Those in attendance who knew the person will be able to make the connection, which will make the musical selection even more meaningful. If you want the Old Hickory, TN funeral home service to be a special occasion, music is recommended.


Come Together


Can you imagine a room full of people singing the same song in unison? Well that’s exactly the sort of scene that can materialize if you play music at the funeral. If you happen to choose some well-known tunes that fit the occasion, someone can head a sing-along session from the front and encourage everyone else to join in. This will help to create a feeling of togetherness as everyone will be on the same page.


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