3 Tips for Cleaning Out a Home After a Loved One Dies

After Nashville, TN cremation services, you may find yourself helping to clean out the home of a deceased loved one ahead putting the residence up for sale. You can imagine that it will be difficult to undertake such a responsibility while you’re still mourning, but it might be one of those things that you simply have to do regardless of how you feel.


Here are 3 tips to help you clean out the home of a deceased relative before putting a for-sale sign on the front lawn.


1. Determine the Scope of the Undertaking


Your first order of business is to figure out just how much work needs to be done. Is it a big home or a small home? Did your deceased loved one have lots of stuff in the home or garage? Does the home require extensive repairs? After you figure out the size of the undertaking, you’ll be able to know whether you can take it on alone or whether you need help to get the job done.


2. Write an Inventory


One of the things you need to do is compile an inventory of everything in the house. This is critical. You’ll want to know what things will go to family and friends of the deceased, what things to put up for sale, what things to donate to a thrift shop, and what things to throw out. If your deceased relative left a will behind, don’t forget to consult it to see if they left anything in their home to specific people. Your next order of business will be to contact these people and ask them either to collect the items or to make arrangements for the items to be delivered to them.


3. Get Outside Help if Necessary


Do you have the necessary manpower to get the job done? You don’t want to do it yourself, and you may not have enough willing hands and able bodies to pitch it. If you don’t have enough family and friends to help or if there are certain tasks that you can’t manage, consider getting professional help. You may, for instance, hire a junk removal company to remove stuff destined for the landfill. You may also need to hire movers if you’ll be putting anything into storage.


After the cremation services in Nashville, TN, you may find that there’s plenty of work to do. Cleaning out the home of a deceased loved one can be a lot of work, but the tips above can help you to get through it. You’ll then be ready to put the home up for sale. We’ll leave it to you and your family to focus on the housecleaning strategy, but you can rely on us at Ellis Funeral Home & Cremation Service to handle final services for your dearly departed loved one. Call us at (615) 255-5412 to speak to our funeral director about your specific needs. We’ll help you with the big and small decisions. You can also stop by our office at 2627 Nolensville Pike Nashville, TN.

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