3 Funeral Home Myths to Get Out of Your Head

Let’s face it. No one wants to visit a funeral home. And when they finally do go to one, it’ll be at a time when they simply have to. But while an Antioch, TN funeral home may never crack your top 10 list of places you’d like to visit someday, that doesn’t mean that there’s anything to be afraid of or nervous about. Because of their association with death, funeral homes have been the subject of a lot of myths. Consider the following 3 funeral home myths that you may have hard and might possibly even believe – and discover why these misconceptions are wrong.


Myth 1: Funeral Homes are Places of Doom & Gloom


While it’s true that funeral homes are places where final services are discussed, this doesn’t mean that these locations are filled with doom and gloom. Funeral directors and other people who work at funeral homes are trained professionals who understand how to help grieving people when they’re at their lowest point. People go to funeral homes for help with planning funerals or cremations, so they tend to leave funeral homes with more hope and certainty than when they arrived. So while the discussions might be sobering, the help that people receive from empathetic and knowledgeable professionals can make funeral homes beacons of hope.


Myth 2: Funeral Homes will Try to Nickel and Dime You


Final services for your deceased love done will cost you, but how much you spend is up to you. You can go with a funeral or a cremation. You’ll also get a price list from whatever funeral home you sign on with, so you’ll know how much everything costs upfront. This means that you, ultimately, get to decide how much the final services cost. If you and your family are particularly price-conscious, then going with cremation will all but certainly mean a lower bill.


Myth 3: A Viewing is a Must


Whether or not your family opts for a viewing is a matter of personal choice. Some families want it for closure while others prefer not to have one at all. You should get feedback from your loved ones before you decide what to do about a viewing. If even one family member wants a viewing as a chance to say their final goodbyes, then it would be a good idea to hold one. You might also want to consult with a funeral home to learn about some of the reasons why viewings can make a positive impact. Then you can make a final decision.


Do you need to reach out to a funeral home servicing Antioch, TN residents? Get in touch with us at Ellis Funeral Home & Cremation Service. We’re a professional funeral home and cremation service provider that is dedicated to helping grieving families in their times of need. Don’t let any of the myths discourage you in any way. We’re here to answer your questions as required, so get in touch. Call us at (615) 255-5412 to speak to our funeral director or talk to someone in person at our office located at 2627 Nolensville Pike Nashville, TN.

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