Where to Find the Right Cremations and Funeral Home Services in Hermitage, TN

Choosing a funeral home can be one of the biggest decisions you will make after losing someone that you love. When you are facing the grief that comes with this experience, it is essential that you have an experienced funeral home team director to lean on for support. At Ellis Funeral Home & Cremation Service, we provide the support that is needed for residents in Hermitage, TN and all of the nearby cities.

We understand how important it is for you to lean on the services of a local team. You need personalized funeral plans, instead of feeling like you are being pushed through a cookie-cutter funeral. Our team will listen to your wishes, and then schedule the funeral or memorial to match your requests.

Not only do we offer traditional services, but we can also support with modern funerals as well. While some people find comfort in the funeral and graveside burial, other people prefer a modern approach instead.

Unique Funeral Services for Your Loved One

Take a moment to think about the personality and desires of the person you have lost. If they lived life to the fullest, then it might be appropriate to plan a unique funeral to match their personality. For example, some families choose to have Celebrations of Life instead of formal funerals. These events are designed around the person’s favorite activities or their preferences. Examples might include a sports-themed event with memorabilia on display and a fun tail-gate themed meal. Or, an outdoor event in a place where the person loved to hike.

The possibilities are unlimited! It is important that you schedule an event so that friends and family members can share their memories of the deceased. This experience is important for the grieving process. But, the event doesn’t need to be located in a specific place or designed based on funeral traditions.

Remember: the funeral service will be your last opportunity to show the love that you shared with your family member. So, don’t cut corners or sacrifice on the details of the day. Our staff at Ellis Funeral Home & Cremation Service is here to support your requests to ensure that everything goes according to your plans.

Cremations: Why They are So Popular

Why are so many families choosing cremations instead of traditional burials? Cremations are popular in Hermitage, TN for several reasons:

  • Cost: Families on a budget love the affordable options that come from cremations. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on the casket, cemetery plot, and more, the money can be saved in a memorial fund for the family that is left behind. Funeral costs are often cheaper when cremation is chosen instead of a casket burial.
  • Location: Where would you like to lay the person to rest? If a casket is used, then the body needs to be placed in a dedicated location, such as a cemetery. On the other hand, cremated ashes can be stored anywhere that you prefer. You can keep the ashes at home or scatter them in a location of your choice.
  • Tradition: Some families have the tradition of cremating the person as part of the grieving process. This cremation could be associated with religious beliefs. We always try to accommodate unique requests to match the traditions, such as burial clothing or small objects that are placed in the crematory with the body.
  • Environment: Returning the ashes to the earth is one of the most natural ways that you can say goodbye to someone that you love. Placing a big casket in the ground is unnatural. But, cremated ashes can be scattered to create a new life in any location that you select. For example, some families plant a new tree with the cremated ashes. Or, a memory garden can be created with the person’s favorite flowers.

If you are thinking about cremation, then it is important that you schedule a consultation to learn more. It is common to have many questions about the services that are offered. We are always here to assist with your questions and concerns.

Why You Need to Consider Funeral Pre-Planning

Is it strange to plan your funeral details, even when you are in great health? You never know when you will say goodbye. So, it makes sense to be proactive with your funeral plans. Our team offers pre-planning services so that you can choose the details of the event that will happen in the future. You have the opportunity to pre-pay for these services, ensuring that your family won’t be left with the financial burden of the event.

When you need more information about funerals or cremations in Hermitage, TN, then you should contact us at Ellis Funeral Home & Cremation Service. Visit our funeral home: 2627 Nolensville Pike, Nashville, TN 37211. Or call for a consultation: (615) 255-5412