Cremations and Funeral Home Services You Can Trust in Donelson

How do you make the challenging decision of choosing a funeral home in Donelson, TN? Some families default to the nearest funeral home in the area. While it is convenient to choose a local company, you also need to be sure that you select a funeral home that provides a full range of services. Instead of working with several companies during this difficult time, you should be able to lean on the experience and service of one funeral home director and the supporting staff.

At Ellis Funeral Home & Cremation Service, we have shaped our business in the best way to support all of the needs of our customers. When you choose our company, you can rest assured to know that we will handle all of the details that might come up when you are planning a funeral.

Instead of leaving the responsibility and pressure on your shoulders, we strive to reduce the stress as much as possible. Our team oversees all services that are needed for funerals and cremations. You can trust that we will handle every detail that needs to be addressed for the big day.

Gathering with Friends and Family in Donelson, TN

A funeral is a way to showcase the life of the person you have lost. At the same time, this event is the perfect opportunity to strengthen relationships with close family members and friends. Some people are worried about scheduling a funeral because they don’t want to work through the logistics of the day. Even though it will require work to design a funeral, this event is an important step so that people can move through the grief.

Funeral planning doesn’t have to be hard when you are leaning on the experience of a great team. You can turn to us for every detail, and we always ensure that everything will go according to plan. If you don’t want a big funeral event, then we suggest that you choose a Celebration of Life or a small memorial to match the desires of your family.

Modern or Traditional Funeral Services?

There is something special about maintaining family traditions for the funeral services. Families often have certain practices that they want to maintain for the deceased. These practices might be based on religion or family tradition. Regardless of the background of the traditions, we are happy to incorporate these details into the funeral services. Talk to our team about your preferred traditions, and we will make sure that everything matches your preferences.

On the other hand, some families want to step away from the tradition so that they can do something unique for their loved one. Modern funeral services can be designed in any way that you can imagine. For example, you might have a Celebration of Life, designed as a big tailgate party if the person enjoyed sporting events. Or, it could be a casual gathering in the backyard where people can come and go throughout the evening.

You need to consider the needs of your family, then design the funeral services to match your preferences. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution for every funeral. Instead, our team at Ellis Funeral Home & Cremation Service strives to listen to your requests and offer recommendations for the right funeral services to match your needs.

Cremations: Is This Service Right for Your Loved One?

Cremation is an irreversible decision, so you need to be sure that you are firm in your decision if you choose cremation instead of a casket burial. As you learn about this funeral service, it is easy to see why many families are skipping the casket in favor of an urn instead.

Not only does cremation reduce the costs of the funeral. But, cremation opens options for the final resting place. When a body is buried in a casket, then it must be laid to rest in a formal cemetery or dedicated burial ground. On the other hand, cremated ashes can be kept in any location that you choose.

Some families choose a permanent memorial, such as a headstone where the ashes are buried in a cemetery. But, others want more flexibility. So, they choose to keep the ashes in an urn that can be moved to different locations. You might also consider the option to scatter the ashes in a location that had meaning for the deceased.

If you are comparing the options for cremations and funeral services, then you need to talk to our team here at Ellis Funeral Home & Cremation Service. We provide a convenient location for residents near Donelson, TN: 2627 Nolensville Pike, Nashville, TN 37211. Stop by our funeral home to learn more about the services that are offered by our team. Or, you are welcome to call any time if you have questions about the options that are available: (615) 255-5412