Choose the Leading Funeral Home Services and Cremations in Antioch, TN

At Ellis Funeral Home & Cremation Service, we believe in providing caring, supportive funeral services for all families. If you are facing the challenging task of planning a funeral in Antioch, TN for someone that you love, then the first step is to call our team. We’ve been offering these services for many years. As a result, our staff understands the best options to support the needs of each family.

Not only are customized funeral services available, but you also have the freedom to choose cremations if you prefer. We strive to offer a full range of funeral services, making it simple for you to create the perfect day. Our location is a one-stop funeral home, helping to simplify the logistics of planning and scheduling the day of the event.

Location is Everything

Location matters when you are choosing a funeral home. It is important that you choose funeral services that are close to home, helping to minimize the time that you will spend traveling to and from the location. At the same time, you need to consider the facilities that are available for the event.

Will the funeral be held at the funeral home? Or, do you prefer to have the funeral at a church or another event center? There are many options in the area. Instead of assuming that you need to stick with a funeral home event, you are welcome to talk to our staff about other venues. We provide full funeral services on-site and at other venues if you prefer.

Visit our funeral home, and you will see that we offer convenient, comfortable facilities to support the needs of your family. Many people find that our facilities are the perfect size for a funeral gathering. This location provides an intimate opportunity to connect with surviving family members. At the same time, the building is large enough to host a big group if needed.

Grieving the Loss While Planning a Funeral

Not only are you working through the challenge of selecting the details for the day of the funeral. But, it can be difficult to handle the grief at the same time. Be gentle with yourself and remember that you have lost someone that you love! It is important that you lean on the services of an experienced team so that you can manage the grief and the planning at the same time.

We understand the range of emotions that you might be feeling. In addition to the logistical support that you need for funeral planning, we also offer the grief resources that will help you work through the emotional pain. Contact Ellis Funeral Home & Cremation Service to learn about the grief services that are available.

Cremations and Other Options

Since custom funeral services are important for many families, we strive to provide all of the services that might be requested. Cremations are becoming more popular in Antioch, TN, and the nearby areas. Families see the benefits of saving money on the funeral services. At the same time, cremation provides more choices for the final resting place.

Do you want to keep the memory of your loved one in your home? There’s no reason for you to drive to the cemetery if you have a special memorial place with the urn. You can store the ashes in a beautiful urn that showcases the person’s personality. Then, keep the urn in your home so that your loved one is always nearby.

Another option for cremation is to scatter the ashes. These ashes can be placed in a location that was special to your family. Or, you can create a new place to commemorate the life of the person you have lost. For example, you might pick a secluded place in nature, take the ashes to your favorite vacation destination, or create a memory garden where the ashes are scattered.

Pre-Planning for the Best Results

Planning a funeral under the pressure of grief can cause family members to make rash decisions in the moment. Instead of leaving this pressure on the people that you love, it is better to talk to our team about pre-planning. We will listen to your requests and keep these details on file. Then, your family can lean on the plan instead of facing the guesswork of what you desired. Many families consider it a gift when they find that a person pre-planned the event.

If you are comparing funeral home services or cremations in Antioch, TN, then you need to talk to the leading team here at Ellis Funeral Home & Cremation Service. We understand what you need to create a memorable day to share with friends and family. You can come to our location: 2627 Nolensville Pike, Nashville, TN 37211. Or, call when you are ready to schedule a consultation to learn more: (615) 255-5412